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Over the past decades, the nature and scope of marketing has broadened. Marketing has evolved beyond traditional economic analysis and is now applied in resolving problems beyond the boundaries of the firm and in attaining societal goals. With the marketing discipline increasingly recognizing its interface with society at large, its scope has extended beyond single stakeholder relationships (most notably customers) toward a wider range of stakeholders (e.g., employees, investors, regulators, and suppliers). However, successfully engaging in stakeholder marketing requires developing a thorough understanding of stakeholders’ varying needs and wants.

In a joint research cluster Professor Dr. M. Sarstedt (Chair of Marketing) and Professor Dr. Dr. B. Vogt (Chair of Empirical Economics) team up to generate insights about different consumer groups, their preferences and the mechanisms tha trigger certain behaviors. We conduct and disseminate rigorous research that generates innovative insight, relevant to business practice.

We are organized in three main topics:
Consumer Insights Research Methodology and Data Quality

Our objectives are to
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Prof. Dr. Marko Sarstedt
Prof. Dr. Dr. Bodo Vogt
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marcel Lichters